Maths Research Internship 2019


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Interactively Prototyping Properties of Rigid Bodies for Physically-based Animation

The aim of the research project was to produce an interactive tool that can compute various physical aspects of a body, with a focus on computing and manipulating the tensor of inertia of a complex rigid body. The methods of interaction include pulling the object on a string attached to the mouse, and "poking" the object by clicking on it. One can easily change the size and mass of the object, swap between the approximate and true tensor of inertia, as well as the forces being applied on it. The tool was created successfully and will hopefully aid people to better understand the Tensor of Inertia.

Brian Mirtich. 1996. Fast and accurate computation of polyhedral mass properties. J. Graph. Tools 1, 2 (February 1996), 31-50.
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