Let's look at some things I have done.

I just wanted a place to upload all of the activites and projects I've worked on and done without using social media. I decided to try design a somewhat responsive website from scratch as a learning experience. Here are some things I've done in reverse chronological order

Vegansoc AGM - Auditor

Recently, we ran our Annual General Meeting for vegansoc, and I was delighted to have been elected the new Chair for vegansoc! I hope to run it just as well as Will had before, and hope to continue to make it a growing community for vegans on campus. I plan on vegansoc having a trip next year to some yet undecided destination, and hope to have just as many exciting events. I also was happy to meet the new members of the society who will be working with me in their positions too and can't wait to begin working with them all!

Physoc AGM - Webmaster

I also got elected as the Webmaster of Physoc which is pretty cool and I hope to make the website more useful than it currently is after my exams are over.

Physoc Trip to Berlin

In March, I then went with the DU Physocs Society on a trip to Berlin/Potzdam to different cool Physics things there. I also arived and left a day early, so managed to go around a bit completelly on my own, which was a very different experience that I really enjoyed. I went to see Potzdam, the Einstein tower, the Technik Museum and the Berlin Wall and it was a really fun experience.

Mathsoc Trip to Hamburg

In January 2019, I went with the DU Mathematical Society on a trip to Hamburg/Gottingen to see all the various mathematical things around there. We went to Gottingen and saw the university, the grave of Gauss, and some lovely housing. We went to the University of Hamburg and looked around there. I saw a very nice house near the univerity, and we all had some very nice food along the way.

Public Relations Officer

So after getting really involved with DU Vegan Society, I went to the elections for new positions in October, and I got elected as the P.R.O. of the society, which made me responsible for the social media and the posters of the society. I had really good fun making the first couple of posters, and I hope to have fun making more in the future too! If you want to see more of my creations, you can see a catalogue of all the previous posters at:

Posters Webpage

Naughton Sholarship

I also was delighted to have been awarded the Naughton Scholarship! It's a huge help with funding college, and I've heard from others from older years that the other parts of it are really great too. The Naughton family were really nice too, and there were a few people from my course at the ceremony which I knew which was good.

There Was also a retreat to Galway the April after, which was really good fun, and I managed to meet many nice people, while doing fun activities. It was a very fun weekend which ended far too quickly.

Starting College

This year, I began my time in college starting to study a 4-year degree in theoretical physics. Fresher's week was a fun time and I met many people outside of my course through various events. In my course though, the people are really nice and we've all merged well together. So far, particularly satistfying is that all the equations are proven rather than given, which helps us better understand what they represent. I also started uploading the homeworks and lecture notes up to this website to make it all easier to access, and because it was a fun project to set up.

Theoretical Physics Page

IChO 2018

Later this summer after the IMO, I had more chemistry training with the team looking at more university-level chemistry and then finally we set off for Britislava, Slovakia. Here, we were almost instantly introduced to dozens teams from other countries and it was quite exciting. Simple looking at the schedule one could instantly notice the sheer quantity of social activities we had, ranging from aqua parks, to action centres, to walking tours to mineral water tasting (what?). I met so many really nice people and had an amazing time. The exams were somehow longer than the IMO, and almost nobody could complete close to all the questions on time. We then were also lucky to be able to go to Prague,Slovakia as well in the whole experience, which was already truely incredible, that much better.

I also decided to write a long piece on my experience for those interested.

IChO Website

IMO 2018

Early this summer, after sitting the IrMO and the Leaving Cert, I began training for the International Maths Olympiad and the International Chemistry Olympiad. My Schedule was very busy, but I enjoyed it. The IMO was a great experience. The rest of the Irish team and I spent almost a week in Cluj-Napoca, Romania with the Trinidad and Tobago team doing more intensive maths training and spending time out and about in various restaurants and going on a walk through some nearby valley. After that, we joined up with the rest of the teams and had the opening ceremony and team parades. Following that, we had the two 4.5 hour papers on two separate day, and unfortunately I had to leave the day after the second exam because of chemistry. Despite missing some of it, the experience was definitely unforgettable!
IMO website

BxMO 2018

In April of 2018, myself and 8 others from Ireland went to Luxembourg to participate in the Benelux Maths Olympiad. We were there for a weekend and stayed in a youth hostel in the valley next to Luxembourg City. The City was really lovely and the weather was excellent while we stayed there. We had fun roaming around the city in groups and meeting some new people from nearby coultries and playing card games with them. The actual exam was a collection of 4 problems of roughly similar difficulty from different branches of Maths. I managed to answer a full question with no mistakes. Because of this, I won an Honourable Mention.

CTYI 2017

I attended Theoretical Physics for session 2 of Centre for Talented Youth Ireland, which I greatly enjoyed. We had classes going from standard classical mechanics and simple harmonic motion, to deriving Special Relativity, consceptualising General Relativity and Quantum Mechanical systems. (I also drew a picture of part of the Large Hadron Collider on a whiteboard). This helped me decide that Physics was something I would like to study in the Future.

Walton Summer Camp 2017

During the Walton Summer Club, we spent a week having classes in Mathematics, Physics, Engineering and Robotics. In the end we designed a trubuchet to fling a ball, and programmed a small cart to move to the position it would land.

Playing Dungeons & Dragons 2016

My friends and I were playing Dungeons and Dragons 3.5e, and for some of our characters I carved out some wooden figurines (shown above) that we could play as. The small size made it somewhat difficult to get fine detail, but I improved with each one I did. They tuned out not too bad in the end and we had fun playing DnD using them when we needed to keep track of everyone's locations.

I also decided to make a necklace one day from one our characters as a sort of gimmick using some wood. I then made some twine using old Dracaena leaves and made a hole in the wood to create the neckalce.